Mariel Yovino

Sales & Leasing Agent
Investments & Property Management

This is a term that has been used more in recent years to describe the pocket listings and real estate transactions that seem to happen before you've even heard a property was available. As you become familiar with larger investment properties -- and especially those in a strong market like that of Boston's real estate market - you'll notice many deals being brokered off market. What's the benefit to this kind of transaction? Easy -- it's easier. For the sellers - especially those with difficult tenants or issues with the property itself - you can usually obtain a no-contingency cash offer from another experienced investor and effectively cut out all the negotiation and time-consuming inspections that you would expect from a first-time buyer. If you are looking to quietly and quickly divest of your portfolio, we can match you with investors that are already vetted and qualified to insure a smooth, straight-forward transaction.

As a buyer, you can put in a clean offer without becoming entangled in a seemingly unavoidable bidding war that has become a staple of the current market. You can also usually get a more competitive price as a result of the unique structuring of broker's commissions in this type of transaction. Beginning your portfolio by securing an off market listing is a very savvy way of starting your career as an investor in a strong market.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first investment, or simply looking to grow your portfolio, our Investment Team Specialists can guide you through the process from finding the right properties, to day-to-day property management, through renting your units to qualified tenants year after year. Our team can always offer advice to help you organize or restructure your portfolio to fit your needs. We can promote your interests with proven business models and our reputation as a truly full service brokerage.